Minimal Typography Posters

Some minimal typography posters done for an academic module on branding and retail design.

Re used LCD Display

Present day electronic equipments are discarded quite before their lifetime, sometimes still in working condition or workable with little intervention. The LCD display shown was being discarded at a store, we tried to reuse it in our office. This LCD display was stripped of its plastic bezel and used as a part of larger display comprising several of these. We used the raw LCD display and housed it in a new pine wood casing [.....]

Deepam Residence

"Deepam" Residence designed by neoverge is located near BEL Circle behind Move and Pick hotel in Bangalore.The Duplex House is built on a 30x40 site with roads on front and back side of the site. The residence was planned to take advantage the roads on either side and the slope it presented with. The Ground Floor has a split level with stilt parking and has a living room, Dining, Kitchen with utility and a master bedroom with [.....]